Sweet Kisses…

I thought nothing would make me happier than seeing just how excited my baby girl became as I walked through the door from a long day’s work. Until the first time I heard her say ma ma ma ma as she reached for me to pick her up. I mean seriously it doesn’t get any better, I thought.

And then she puckered up her teeny tiny lips and gave me the sweetest, most adorable, SLOPPIEST kiss ever. So sloppy that when her lips parted ways with my face the string of drool that still remained was a sign of our unbreakable bond. YUCK!


No Worries, I got this!



6 thoughts on “Sweet Kisses…

  1. Chanele says:

    Haha don’t you just love a babys kiss. Your lil girl is so cute and I love the way you love her. My best friend just had a baby girl and I can’t even imagine the amount of joy that it brings to a mothers life. Just seeing the way she has changed her outlook on life and herself makes me want to go and have a baby.

    Chanele xXx


    • Hi Chanele thank you for stopping by. I do love baby kisses they are the best. BUT I am soooooo not a lover of the drool lol, I’ll take it though. Before I had her I used to hear ppl say you’ll never know true love until its the love of your child and I used to roll my eyes like “yeah whatever” but I am now eating crow because I find it to be true. Thank you again for stopping by and I do hope you’ll join my journey with me. Love your blog!!!!


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