Your Style Montage

You know how they say live in color.  Well I live in montages.  I’m a little more than borderline obsessed with them.  I love to make them up in my head (I have automatic montages of anything you can think of cataloged and filed away in this brain o’ mine),  I love to see them on blogs and television and during the closing credits of movies.  I just love em. 

Now that my love of montages is out the way, I just saw a bad montage of Alicia Keys’ performance outfits.  I understand that we all weren’t born with a stylist approved wardrobe but when you’re a mega star there’s no excuse for this ↓

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So after seeing this montage I got to thinking….What would my style montage look like?  I’ve gone through all the phases: all black everything, girlie girl, round the way girl, flower girl, tomboy and let’s not forget I really don’t give a damn phase.  But I’m hoping that my style montage would do me justice.

What would your style montage look like?  Do you have more hits or misses?  Let me know…..

              No worries…I got this


3 thoughts on “Your Style Montage

  1. Mimi says:

    Poor Alicia Keys, she should fire her stylist. There wasn’t one outfit that made me say “well, maybe you’re wrong”. They were all eh… either her hair didn’t go with the clothes, the clothes didn’t go with the clothes, or the clothes didn’t go with her body. Just all wrong. All. Wrong.


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