Ain’t nobody got time for that

My grandmother loves to make me wait and it drives me nuts. Now before you go feeling all sorry for her she’s no tape a cheetah to her back granny, she’s more of a gal about town granny.

As a precautionary measure I always call 10-15 minutes before I arrive, lie and say I’m downstairs and tell her to come on down. And as sure as the sky is blue I end up waiting another 15-20 minutes once I’ve arrived. Once she FINALLY saunters her way to my car it never fails, as she buckles her seatbelt she says “how long you been down here?”


Last night’s 15 minute wait was brought to you by Family Feud, a black family was about to win the $20,000 in the final round (the Williams’ from North Carolina). And so she watched til the end. Granny! Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!


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