OH-la-la-leather sweatpants

If you style watch like me you’ve noticed an emergence of leather sweatpants. As a lover of pants d’sweat I am all about this look.

I first sat up and took notice when Rihanna hit the town accompanying hers with some black and white pumps:


Then Kimmie K in her (I’m sure Kanye approved) Celine sweats:

kim k

Beyonce rocking her Eu Noir unisex sweats:


All Star Weekend 2013 in Houston the boys (Lebron, D. Wade, 2 Chainz & Drake) did it but they couldn’t possibly work it like the girls:

Lala Anthony:

Teyana Taylor:
teyana taylor

Even Alicia Keys and her female backup dancers rocked them:
alicia keys sweats

All I’ve got to say is I looky and I likey. Now if only I could find somewhere other than the grocery store and laundry room (hashtag new mommy)to rock them without getting side eyes and furrowed brows.

What are your thoughts? Yay or Nay on sweatpants of leather?


2 thoughts on “OH-la-la-leather sweatpants

  1. Truday says:

    I am a girl of a certain size…so it’s good to look at but not functional. My size 10 and below girls should go for it! Shit I would. …Especially if there was a Forever21 version.


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