Paint the town tipsy!

My Friday nail polish post was interrupted by a night out on the town with my sissies. Usually I like to have a fresh manicure when I hang out but instead of painting my nails, I painted the town…tipsy!

It’s been some time since my sissies Tammi, Kay & I hung out adult style so when we saw a Groupon offer for “The Tipsy Artist Painting Workshop, we were all in. The only rule is you bring your own alcoholic beverage of choice. I picked White Sangria, Kay, Moscato and Tammi, Reisling. As we entered the “workshop” we thought we would basically get drunk and then paint circles and hearts on canvas which was totally fine by me, what we ended up with was a real live painting class. Each table was presented with a forest landscape painting done by first timers in a previous class first timers my ass, these paintings looked like they were done by Bob Ross himself. Now I understood where the liquor came in all of this…to let go of our inhibitions and compulsion to be perfect and just paint. Plus things tend to look a little more beautiful to the drunken eye. Don’t believe me? Ask the drunk man who goes to bed with Halle Berry and wakes up with Joan Rivers. I digress, although I drank my entire bottle of sangria it just wasn’t enough to curb my anxiety of my painting not looking like the “first timers’ paintings. All in all I had a great time but I definitely would have been a little less anxious painting polka dots and lollipops.

Here are a couple of pictures of our night:

Tipsy Kay

Tipsy Kay

Kay's painting

Kay’s painting

Tammi's painting

Tammi’s painting

My painting

My painting


How did we do?
Would you try tipsy artist workshop?
Have you used groupon to do a fun and interesting activity?

Location: Some Random Lady’s Apartment
Source: Iphone
Photographer: My sissies and I


2 thoughts on “Paint the town tipsy!

  1. Mimi says:

    It was an awesome experience and I would definitely do it again… Now that I know what to expect I think the night should start with hard liquor, lol.


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