Jam of the Week: Anything Can Happen

I can’t listen to this song without singing along.

Song: Anything Can Happen
Artist: Ellie Goulding
Album: Halcyon


5 thoughts on “Jam of the Week: Anything Can Happen

  1. MimiFBaby (please say the baby) says:

    I absolutely HATE when this song comes on, Ok so maybe I don’t hate the song… but I do hate what happens when I hear it… Ya wanna know why? Because when she gets to the bridge I get the uncontrollable urge to stomp my foot and sing along. This is awful because it usually happens when I’m commuting (on a crowded train no less) and I’m standing in front of some poor soul who just pretends not to notice me. It’s awesome


    • lmfao! I feel the same way except it usually happens to me in the car, insert mouth wide open belting out with hand gestures. I hate being that person that you pull up next to in the car and laugh because they’re doing something totally inappropriate.


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