What in the World!

Last week the Flotus’ personal information was hacked. Her social security and credit report were posted on a website. Now the world knows that not all black people have bad credit. I love how along the likes of Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Hilary Clinton and FBI officials, Beyonce was added in this list of very important people who’ve been hacked. I’m sorry but when someone was clever enough to weasel their way into top government officials’ personal information who gives a flying f*ck if someone hacked into Beyonce’s computer and leaked a single 2 weeks early. Seriously!!!

A California daycare teacher (Debbie Gratz) was busted spiking 1 & 2 year olds’ sippy cups with Sominex (an adult sleeping pill). Newsflash Debbie, you’re probably in the wrong f*cking profession if slipping mickies to babies is the only way you can manage to get them to go to sleep. I’m not sure if I’m more appalled by her actions or by the mother of a child who has seizures saying that she wasn’t mad at the teacher just sad….b*tch you need to be mad, incredible hulk busting out of your clothes mad. I’m honestly surprised that there hasn’t been a follow up story that this “teacher” wasn’t beaten to a bloody pulp by an angry parent (I’m a work in progress remember).

Last but definitely not least in Steubenville Ohio 2 teenage boys have been found delinquent for raping an inebriated teenage girl at a party. 2 popular high school football players thought it fun to pose for pictures and sexually assault a clearly drunk girl. The action of these 2 young boys are deplorable AS ARE the people who took the pictures with their cell phones AND the people who passed these pictures along to their friends at the school. According to the victim’s family they don’t want to turn this into a witch hunt but in my honest opinion maybe they need to. No they didn’t commit the crime but in a way they were accessories. If you did not go straight home after witnessing this and tell your parents what happened to the poor girl, YOU ARE WRONG! If you crowded around this girl and took a picture and forwarded it to anyone other than the police, a parent, a prinicipal or teacher YOU ARE WRONG! Now not only does this girl have to live and deal with all that comes with being sexually assaulted, she also has to deal with the fact that’s it’s gone viral.

What in the World!


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