Spring Fever

Spring is finally here! Or at least for a couple of days.

I love the spring! To me it feels like renewal, new flowers, new wardrobe, new attitude. I start getting the fever around spring forward time when I leave work and it’s no longer pitch black outside, that alone is enough to lift anyone’s spirits. Then the flowers start to bloom and my allergies kick into full gear and I know Spring is here. In New York we’ve been having some crazy weather, it’ll be 45 degrees and sunny one day and 25 degrees with a chance of blizzard the very next. I am here to say that I am officially over the winter!

I usually have lunch at my desk while working but yesterday I took a loooooooooooooooong lunch break (by long I mean I almost forgot to return back to work). The day was just so gorgeous the sun was shining the air was crisp, it was just beautiful and would have been sinful to not take advantage of it all. While on my lunchtime stroll I visited a couple of stores and made some spring time beauty purchases (I may have overdone it, although SUPER happy with my new things)…


Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs (I can’t get enough of this stuff, it’s light, sweet and perfect for spring time. Oh and the bottle is beautiful too!)


Mac tinted moisturizer (a facial moisturizer with a light foundation. I wouldn’t call myself a makeup wearer as far as foundations and eye shadows and such but this stuff is pretty good. It makes me look fresh in the face and evens out my skin tone without me feeling like I’m all done up, plus it takes about two seconds to apply because lord knows babygirl won’t allow more time than that lol).

Mac pink plaid matted lipstick (now I am a lipstick girl and although I absolutely love my russian red lipstick for the spring and summer I like to soften it up with pale pinks. I got a couple of compliments as soon as I tried this shade on in the store.

pink plaid

Sephora mmmmmmmmmmmmm…17 lipstick very close to the pink plaid by Mac but with a lil shimemr (b*tches love shimmer lol)


And because I’m a VIB member at Sephora I got a free sample of Bare Escentuals foundation that I guess it won’t hurt to try.

So there was my spring beauty shopping trip in a nutshell, if only I had as much success when clothes shopping!

What are some of your favorites spring products?


8 thoughts on “Spring Fever

  1. Truday says:
  2. Nice pickups! The Sephora lipstick looks so pretty! I’m so excited for Spring too. Can’t wait to wear all the Spring shoes I bought over the Winter lol.


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