Picture This (April Photo Challenge)

For the month of April my weekly Picture This posts will be replaced with a week’s worth of pictures taken for the April Photo Challenge. I always try to do the challenges but I never follow through plus I told Lou at http://www.louslabyrinth.wordpress.com that I would give it a try. While finding a photo challenge for April my sissy Tammi and I found 2 pretty cool ones, because I’m uncertain that I can complete 1 nevertheless 2 Tammi is going to tackle one of the 2 that we found. She takes pretty awesome pictures so this should be cool.

Here are the two photo challenges that we’ve found for April

Tammi’s working on the left, I will be working on the right.

So here goes week 1 of the photo challenge:

Day 1: Selfie / Play
day 1: selfie

day 1: play

Day 2: Something Pink / Blue
Day 2: Something pink

Day 2: Blue

Day 3: Handwriting / Something that Starts with A
Day 3: Handwriting

Day 3: Something that starts with A

Day 4: Black & White / This Happened Today
Day 4: Black & White

Day 4: This Happened Today

Day 5: Weather / Something Good
Day 5: Weather

Day 5: Something Good

Day 6: Handwriting / Air
Day 3: Handwriting

Day 6: Air

Day 7: Spring / Dreamy
Day 7: Spring

Day 7: Dreamy

So week one is done!! I think we did a pretty good job. Looking forward to week 2. How did we do?


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