Give yourself a break, you’re beautiful (Dove Real Beauty Sketches)

This morning my sissy Tammi sent me a Dove Real Beauty Sketches video that was so simple yet so thought provoking and touching that I am compelled to share.

How many of you are guilty of looking in the mirror and picking out every single flaw. I am.
How many of you have thought if only I could get rid of these circles around my eyes or get a nose job or had higher cheek bones. I have.

I’m guilty of frowning my face up when I receive a compliment. If someone tells me I’m pretty, I automatically think of all my flaws and roll my eyes. Per other people I have really nice skin but that’s surely not what I see everyday. Somedays I altogether avoid the mirror. My mom and I have this ongoing joke, when I get on her case for not checking the “genes” of my dad. Ma, did you have to have a baby with a man that has so many tall women in his family, couldn’t you have found a less hairy man etc etc. Most of the time she stares at me blankly and says “I think I did a pretty good job, my baby is beautiful” to which I roll my eyes and assume she has to say that because she’s my mother.

In a nutshell the Dove Real Beauty Sketches video below is about real people who agreed to see a sketch artist. In addition to seeing the sketch artist they had to meet with another person and were told to “get friendly” with this person. The kicker is that instead of sketching what he saw, he had each person sit behind a curtain and describe themselves to him and he drew what they described without ever seeing them. Then he had the other person describe the person they ‘got friendly with’ and he sketched another portrait based on what the other person saw. What’s amazing is in just about every case the portrait reflecting how the person saw themselves’ was less attractive than the portrait of how the other person saw them.

This video spoke to me because it’s a daily practice for me to focus on my flaws no matter how small instead of appreciating all the good things. It just serves as a reminder to stop being so hard on myself and start appreciating the beauty in me that God created.

condensed version

full version

Can you relate to this video?


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