We Made It!!!

we made it 1

This past Saturday the 13th my babygirl turned One Year Old!!!

While I was pregnant every mom that I’d spoken to had different bits of advice but they all told me to enjoy every moment because it goes by sooooooooooo quickly. Just to think a year ago this little girl was cooking in my belly and developing into the little lady that she is today. Now she’s walking & running, singing, laughing, playing and starting to talk, all in what seems like a week. This time in 2012 I was scared out of my britches at the thought of being responsible for another person. I don’t care how tough and confident you think you are, when the life and well being of another is in your hands it’s pretty overwhelming and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying through their teeth. But now that she’s here I couldn’t think of anything else in this world I’d rather be doing than caring for her.

My sissy Kay http://princessinterrupted.wordpress.com and I were talking, well moreso celebrating not only that she turned one but also that I’d made it through a year without doing anything to majorly mess her up. I know that sounds crazy but that’s what it all boils down to. I’ve learned that it’s a fine line between being protective and smothering and a mommy’s job is to learn the difference and realize when each is required. Have I considered bubble wrapping the entire apartment so when she was learning to walk she wouldn’t feel a thing when she fell, hell yeah. But would that benefit her in the long run, probably not. Does it hurt my heart to see her cry when I tell her no when she tries to pull my charger out of the extension cord, absofreakinglutely. Would I rather have her cry than to have her get shocked, you bet your ass. Do I want to kick the ass of every kid that snatches a toy from her or shoves her, uh is my name Monica! But would that teach her to be violent and irrational, probably so.
we made it

Within the year it’s become more of a reality to me that I am her first example, from me she’ll learn how to become thoughtful, patient, kind, giving, caring, loving, smart, happy and a proper lady among a slew of other things. And so I am continuously and consciously striving to be the best example to her that I can be. And so here’s to babygirl turning one! Making through my first year of mommyhood! And practicing to be the best person I can be for her!

We made it!!!

No worries, I got this!


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