Happy Administrative Pro Day!!!!

admin day

Happy Administrative Pro day to all the admins out there!!

I like to call us the people who run the show but don’t get the dough. From a fellow Admin I really appreciate you for I know that your job goes far beyond admin work.


admin 1

My job title is Administrative Assistant and I happen to love my job 64% of the time, the other 36% my co-workers should be afraid, very afraid. My boss who happens to be the head of the department will be the first to tell anyone that I run the show. I’m lucky to have a cool boss who gets me and appreciates what I do and who knows that when it’s a 36% kind of day he better stay out of my way! The buck doesn’t stop there, I’m also my boyfriend’s Administrative Pro, I love this job a bit more it’s about a 91% / 9% ratio. I keep his calendar, remember people’s names and birthdays, keep track of his keys and everything else he’s misplaced because he’d misplace his eyeballs if they weren’t in the sockets (sorry babe but you know it’s true), the things we do for love. love<

admin 3

So to all the admins out there who navigate and organize work & personal lives, who pretty much know how to do their job and everyone elses, who know all the gossip, have saved marriages by remembering birthdays, anniversaries, graduation days etc, who are willingly or unwillingly the person that everyone comes to to figure out a task or how something works, who are the glue that keeps your boss, department, company together. This post is for you!

Enjoy your day!!!! You deserve it!

admin 2


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