Ka’oir Cosmetics

New lippy alert!

Video vixen Keyshia Kaoir has a new cosmetics line out called Ka’oir.  It’s full of fun colored lipsticks and glitter, eyeshadows and nail polishes.  When I say fun colored I mean yellow, blue, green and purple lipsticks along with more conservative colors like red, pink and nude.  Celebrities like Teyana Taylor, Snooki and Trina have their own signature colors which is pretty cool.

Back on Easter Sunday I ordered Truly Outrageous which is a neon pink and Capricorn that is more of a peachy color:

Truly Outrageous


I was just too excited for my new lippies to arrive because the colors are just too much fun and perfect for spring/summer.  Well FINALLY they arrived this past Monday.  Yes you read right, I ordered them Easter sunday which was March 31st and they did not arrive until April 22nd.  When ordering there are 2 shipping options Option #1. 1 day delivery for an extra $27.  Option #2. 5-7 day delivery for an extra $3.99.  So if the 5-7 day delivery actually took 22 days (16 business days to be fair) I definitely would not recommend the 1 day delivery because that may take 2 weeks.  I was really frustrated during the whole shipment process because let’s be honest nothing takes that long to arrive nowadays, I’ve ordered phone cases from Hong Kong on amazon.com and didn’t have to wait this long.  The only saving graces are that I absolutely love the colors, they’re just the pop needed and unlike alot of matte lipsticks that I own that make my lips feel really dry this lipstick is very  moisturizing and makes my lips feel pretty amazing.

If it weren’t for the whole shipping debacle I would have giving Ka’oir cosmetics 5 stars for the fun colors and the moisturizing feel of the lipsticks.  But due to the unreasonable price ($27) for one day delivery that I’m pretty sure won’t actually be one day and the length of time 5-7 day delivery took I have to give them 3 and a quarter star.  Hopefully the line will be sold in stores soon and then us instant gratification girls will be satisfied. 

Here I am with both colors (please excuse the bathroom selfies but babygirl wouldn’t let me put my face on at home so I had to do it at work).

Truly Outrageous

Truly Outrageous



What do you think????


8 thoughts on “Ka’oir Cosmetics

  1. MimiFBaby (please say the baby) says:

    I love the colors but the whole shipping process is a bit discouraging from ordering again. Thank goodness they weren’t ordered for a special event, that would have been such a disaster. I honestly think they should look into a different handling service.


  2. Jamilah says:

    Love them! I was looking to order Capricorn and Pool Party and read some bad reviews about shipping time. Despite the not so kind reviews I may still order. I was also hoping that perhaps they will be in stores soon. You look super cute!


    • yeah the shipping is REALLY BAD and it’s a shame because I do love the lippies. Hopefully she’s reading reviews and working to improve that aspect because no matter how good your product is, if it takes forever to get to you most people will just settle for something else. I definitely say order it just don’t get excited when you do cause chances are you’ll probably forget that you ordered it by the time it comes. Pool party looks like so much fun. I’m not bold enough for blue lipstick but I have been eyeing the excite-mint!


  3. Truday says:

    I really want to try these- I follow her on IG (plz no judgement)- but thats the biggest complaint- shipping takes too long but folks are always happy when it finally arrives.


    • No judgement here. I mean if you don’t mind the waiting game then I say go for it but I HATE waiting especially for packages that really grinds my gears. And then 22 days when you’re shipping within the US is insane to me. I mean the regular USPS takes no more than a week to get something across the country. WTF!


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