Wild Hair Don’t Care



Let me start this post off by saying that I am a complete and total amateur when it comes to hair braiding (cornrows).  Just like almost everything else in my life I have the fundamentals down I just haven’t mastered making it look pretty.  So needless to say when my boyfriend (who I affectionately call Mr. Grumps) and I found out that we were having a girl I had a superficial panic attack wondering what the hell was I gonna do with her hair.  If her hair was anything like mine when I was a wee one (massive, light and fluffy) I was in for it!  I lucked up because my mom, g-ma and stepmom were all masterful hair braiders and so my hair was always nicely done. One of my pet peeves are beautiful baby girls with messy, unkempt hair and so in an effort not to have my babygirl be one of them I’ve borrowed my cousin Erica’s doll head (who she’s affectionately named Destiny) and have been feverishly practicing and trying to master this whole head braiding thing.

On top of my horrible braiding skills is the obstacle of that stupid “U” in the back of babygirl’s hair. For those of you who don’t know what the “U” is, it’s when the hair usually from ear to ear in the back of the head is shorter than the rest of the hair due to the child sleeping on it most of the time. So up top and in the front of her head babygirl has nice healthy, thick but manageable, braidable hair and in the back she has short, crunchy, tough, too short to braid hair. Ugh! What makes it even worse is that I honestly do try with all of my might to make it look nice and neat and then Mr. Grumps comes home and says out of nowhere her hair looks like “who shot John”! Seriously dude? Luckily for me, my mom and g-ma see my efforts and my frustrations so they’ve kind of taken over the hair situtation for the time being and all I can say is Thank God because they make miracles happen in the hair department. I’m sure Mr. Grumps is happy about it although he tries to hide it so not to hurt my feelings.

So yesterday I’m blog surfing as I like to do when I should be working and I came across pictures of Jay-Z & Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy on Necole Bitchie.  This is kind of a big deal because they’ve done a great job thus far of keeping her out of the spotlight. Blue Ivy is about 3 months older than my babygirl and is such a beautiful little one. While viewing pictures of one of the world’s most popular babies I couldn’t help but let out a huge sigh of relief. Clearly Beyonce knows my struggle and is having the same issues as me.

Blue Ivy

Blue Ivy

Blue Ivy

Blue Ivy

 So for all you parents out there who are like me and have been beating yourself up about your child’s wild hair don’t be too hard on yourself, Beyonce & Jay-Z are rich and famous and haven’t seemed to unlock the secret of taming the mane!                           


                                  No worries…I got this!

**pictures courtesy of Necole Bitchie**


3 thoughts on “Wild Hair Don’t Care

  1. Child Please!!! My fave hairstyle for Munchkin was a ‘fro with a headband. It’s great because you can wash, moisturize, accessorize and GO!!! Plus, it saves time on having to get her to sit still while you do it. #aintnobodygottimeforthat


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