Wale is more like a poet than a rapper to me. 

I’m usually a sucker for his female geared songs and this song would be no different!

Artist: Wale
Song: Bad
Album: Folarin


Just Because It’s Friday Mix

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! It is Friday!  I’m sure I’m not unlike most people when I say that Fridays give me life honey.  And after the hectic week I’ve had I welcome this weekend with open arms.  What would make this weekend even better is if the work portion of my day would go by expeditiously.  But until then I thought I’d put together a youtube playlist of all the songs that make me happy and make me think of the weekend!  Hope you like it and please don’t be afraid to rock with me now!

The Recipe

So Excited

Show Me A Good Time

Oh I Think They Like Me

I Knew You Were Trouble

Raise Your Glass

Last Friday Night


dancing friday girl

bgirl friday

Fitch the homeless…Greg Karber vs. Mike Jeffries a grade A assclown

Abercrombie & Fitch is only intended for “the slim & the beautiful” says it’s CEO.  Yes, Abercrombie & Fitch the store that in the summer time has their female employees stand on the sidewalks in 2 piece bathing suits while inside the store has dim lights with coma inducing strobe lights happening.

Last week an interview that CEO Mike Jeffries did back in 2006 to Salon Magazine resurfaced and quite possibly has him and the brand on the month’s most hated list.  He somewhat brags that his brand will not make XL or XXL for women and the only reason they make it for men is to cater to the taller/athletic man.  He also stated that the brand hires good looking, thin employees to attract customers of the same caliber…and for the other people who don’t fit into the “all American thin, super attractive” idea they can shop elsewhere.

Even when I could fit into A&Fs clothing I’ve always been turned off by the whole atmosphere of the store as they do give off an elitist vibe.  Now that they’ve made it known that I wasn’t welcomed there it makes perfect sense.

Since last week there’s been a lot of backlash from celebrities to other brands worldwide, but the best response by far is from Greg Karber who has decided to give Abercrombie & Fitch clothing to homeless people all over California’s skid  row.  I hope Mike Jeffries sees this and dies from the inside out.

Kudos to you Greg Karber…job well done!

Check out his video here: Greg Karber vs. Abercrombie & Fitch

May Photo Challenge: Days 5 – 11

Pardon my lateness but I was basking in all my mother’s day splendor!  🙂

Here are sissy and I’s day 5-11 photos for the May Photo A Day Challenge!

Day 5: Paper

photo 1              IMG_2833

Day 6: Broken

photo 2     IMG_1190





Day 7: Something beginning with F

photo 3         IMG_2838

Day 8: Shape

photo 2    IMG_8547

Day 9: A Snack

photo 2 (2)    photo 1 (3)

Day 10: Stars

photo 4     IMG_8149

Day 11: A Smile

photo 1 (2)    IMG_7487

The Digits: Essie: KNOCKOUT POUT

One of these days I will venture off to another brand of name polish besides Essie but that day won’t be today.  They have so many fun new brights just perfect for the summer and I personally plan to try all of them.  For Mother’s Day I picked Essie’s Knockout Pout for a little extra fun I added polka dot love.

Essie – Knockout Pout


knockout pout

knockout pout 2


knockout pout 1

s/o to Stacey the Photographer


What do you think?



Jam of the Week (Feeling Good)

This is hand’s down my most favoritest song ever.  No matter what mood I’m in (like the title) it always lifts my spirits and makes me feel good!  A song so fitting for a Monday morning.  Enjoy!

Song: Feeling Good
Artist: Nina Simone
Album: I Put a Spell On You


  No worries…I got this!

Yay or Nay: Tamar Braxton “The One”

Back in December Tamar Braxton blew us all away with her powerful ballad  “Love & War”.  She proved to us all that her voice needed to be doing more than doo wop pop pop for her older sister Toni Braxton.  After a few months hiatus she’s released a new single titled “The One” sampling “Juicy”.  Me personally, coming off of the high of “Love & War” I wish I hadn’t heard this song.  It’s not horrible but it’s kind of like music for the sake of making music.  What do you think???