The Digits: Essie: The More the Merrier & Where’s My Chaffeur

I was looking for a yellow polish but couldn’t find any so the next best thing was lime green. I love it so much!!! Then I thought how much fun it would be to add in a little blue. What do you think?

the more the merrier

Essie – The More The Merrier

where's my chauffeur

Essie – Where’s My Chauffeur

merrier chaffeur

merrier chauffeur

Thank you to Stacey the Photographer!


Friday Jam (We Can’t Stop)

Hi Friends. I apologize for not posting in some time between being swamped at work and recovering from my birthday shenanigans last week I haven’t been the best hostess. But that all ends starting Monday. I will be back in full effect. Until then here is a Friday Jam for you. Enjoy!

I probably wouldn’t want babygirl watching this video but I love edgy, ratchet Miley Cyrus and I super love this song. Happy Friday!

dancing friday girl

HELP! I’ve got a chronic case of the mommies.

It seems like just a couple days ago that I could hang with the best of them. I could go to work, go home, take an hour nap, get dressed and party the night away until about 5 in the morning, go home, take a 2 hour nap, get ready for work and go about my day…with some help from a cup of coffee or two.

Now hanging for me is being able to stay up past 1130pm to watch the tv show I dvr’d because I was too tired to watch it the night before. Twice this month I’ve tried my hand at this thing the young people call “hanging out” and both times I’ve let myself down tremendously. Yawning continuously by 11pm. Nodding off by midnight. How rude! Yes I’m a new mommy (can I still call myself that?) and I spend the majority of my day running after an infant who can run better than she can walk all while yelling no, stop, don’t, uh uh (sounds like the Jetsons song). And yes I try to go to bed by 1030-11pm so that I can get my beauty rest and fill up my energy tank. (OMG who have I become (scary face, scary face)). But I would also like to think that I’m somewhat of a spring chicken (okay maybe not spring more like fall) and need to be able to stay up long enough to have a great girl’s night out and let my hair down so to speak (in a moment of bravery I cut a good chunk of my damned hair off and man do I miss it!). Who do I have to talk to to make this happen like ASAP.


I figured that with some practice I’d be okay and if not back to my old self at least able to “hang” til 2 or 3. But then I was reminded that my birthday is fast approaching (fast approaching as in 2 days!!!) and since I’m hoping to have a reason to put on some pretty shoes, you know a nice adult’s night out, this poses somewhat of a problem for me. I don’t want to be sleep or dozing off before the night begins. I definitely don’t want to be in my jammies too deep in sleep to miss my 12am Happy Birthday phone calls and texts from my mom and dad. I need some quick fixes and I need them now. Maybe I should stock up on 5 hour shots.

I need to shake this case of the mommies sooner than later and prove to myself that I’ve still got it! Because clearly I’m not getting any younger. Somehow. Someway. Afterhour fun will be had by me!

No worries…I got this!

Jam of the Week (Kiss of Life + Your Love is King)

Well coming off of an awesome easy breezy weekend but of course Monday would be rainy and dreary like it is in New York today. On the bus ride to work as I looked out of the rain stained window all I could hear were Sade songs in my head. So it’s only right that I make my Jam of the Week all about her. Because I couldn’t decide between these two rainy day songs I just decided to post both. Happy Monday (said no one ever) lol. Enjoy your week friends!

Song: Kiss of Life
Artist: Sade
Album: Love Deluxe

Song: Your Love is King
Artist: Sade
Album: Diamond Life

Apartment Hunting *sigh*

apartment hunting

Mr. Grumps and I started our hunt for a wonderful, modern and affordable 2 bedroom apartment. Point blank it’s time for babygirl to get her own space. I’m tired of stepping over toys and mistaking her onesies for my undies on sleepy mornings. We’ve seen a couple of good spots that we can actually imagine ourselves in minus this or that. We’ve also seen some horrible places I’m talking pink bathrooms (tiles, tub & sink), we’ve seen one place that you have to literally walk through the kitchen to get to the rest of the apartment. And we’ve met the owners of a 2 family house who are in bed at 730-8pm (NOT HAPPENING). The hunt is fun and all but also scary. I like imagining us in all these different places but I also want to find that one place that as soon as we walk in we know this is where we belong. Something that says this. is. HOME.

My mother and g-ma always tell me this one story of furniture shopping with my mom when I was about 3 years old. My mom and dad had just moved into a new apartment and on this particular day me, my mom and g-ma were shopping for a kitchen table. After going to a couple of places and not loving what she saw my mother took us to this one place and I sat down at a table and started saying my grace. At that point, my mom and g-ma both knew that this was “the table”.

I’m kind of hoping for some kind of sign like that from babygirl when choosing where we will live next.

No pressure babygirl, no pressure at all! 😛

Wish me luck friends!

No worries…I got this!

apt hunting cartoon