I saw Essie’s semi-new Neons collection and was super psyched to try all of the colors because they look like so much fun.  So far it’s been a flop for me.  Be warned that this particular collection isn’t how it appears in pictures.

I tried DJ Play That Song  (unflattering)


I tried Shake Your $$ Maker (which looked super cool in pictures but in real life is almost the color of money and nothing close to neon)


My last and final attempt has been Boom Boom Room (my saving grace).  It’s actually more Neon looking in person that it appears in pictures.  It’s bright, funky, almost glow in the dark looking and I love it!boom_boom_room

boom boom room

boom boom room 1

boom boom room 2

Excuse my appearance I seem to be having a hot mess kind of week! :-/

What do you think of Essie’s Boom Boom Room?

s/o to Stacey the Photographer!


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