Apartment Hunting *sigh*

apartment hunting

Mr. Grumps and I started our hunt for a wonderful, modern and affordable 2 bedroom apartment. Point blank it’s time for babygirl to get her own space. I’m tired of stepping over toys and mistaking her onesies for my undies on sleepy mornings. We’ve seen a couple of good spots that we can actually imagine ourselves in minus this or that. We’ve also seen some horrible places I’m talking pink bathrooms (tiles, tub & sink), we’ve seen one place that you have to literally walk through the kitchen to get to the rest of the apartment. And we’ve met the owners of a 2 family house who are in bed at 730-8pm (NOT HAPPENING). The hunt is fun and all but also scary. I like imagining us in all these different places but I also want to find that one place that as soon as we walk in we know this is where we belong. Something that says this. is. HOME.

My mother and g-ma always tell me this one story of furniture shopping with my mom when I was about 3 years old. My mom and dad had just moved into a new apartment and on this particular day me, my mom and g-ma were shopping for a kitchen table. After going to a couple of places and not loving what she saw my mother took us to this one place and I sat down at a table and started saying my grace. At that point, my mom and g-ma both knew that this was “the table”.

I’m kind of hoping for some kind of sign like that from babygirl when choosing where we will live next.

No pressure babygirl, no pressure at all! 😛

Wish me luck friends!

No worries…I got this!

apt hunting cartoon


2 thoughts on “Apartment Hunting *sigh*

  1. MimiFBaby (please say the baby) says:

    I imagine Baby Girl doing something epic when she finds “the one”… like saying “this is it” as clear and concise as she could :-). Oh yeah, and there will be dancing… a toddler 2-step.


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