Jam of the Week (I Don’t Care)

So you know how you have theme songs going in your head throughout your day? If you know what I’m talking about yaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssss, if you don’t just don’t judge me.

For instance this is my theme song for when I walk into an establishment when I go out:

Song: Caramel
Album: City High
Artist: City High

This is my theme song for when I’m working out:

Song: Raise Your Glass
Album: Greatest Hits…So Far!!!
Artist: Pink

This is my theme song for when Mr. Grumps does something crazy sweet and I look at him lovingly:

Song: Brotha
Album: Mahogany Soul
Artist: Angie Stone

Hopefully that helped you get an idea of what I mean by theme song, now moving along. I’m not sure what my sexy sensual song was before this song came along but whatever it was this song knocked it out the park. This is my soundtrack for the days when I feel really pretty and sexy or the days I look in the mirror and I smile. And so it’s only right that I make this the Jam of the Week. Now how’s that for a soundtrack!

Song: I Don’t Care
Album: Perfectly Imperfect
Artist: Elle Varner


One thought on “Jam of the Week (I Don’t Care)

  1. Mimi Loves Ya says:

    Every superhero deserves theme music. I love it!!! Considering you didn’t love your first listen of her album I’m glad she’s tickling your fancy now.


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