It seems like these days everyone either has an iPhone or a Galaxy. Any other phone is uncivilized. I figured as long as you are a owner of one if not both of these super smartphones you’re one of the “cool kids”. Ha!

I used to be a smartphone junkie. Every new phone that came out I tried. Then I married Blackberry and I swear I owned every version of the Blackberry that came out (every one from the very first blue one with the track ball to the touch screen one with the little mousepad). After awhile I started seeing 9 year olds using the same phone as me and so I decided maybe it was time to say bye bye to my Blackberry and give the Iphone a try. Outside of BBM (Blackberry Messenger) that I loved and sometimes still miss the Iphone was a great suit for me. So much so that I’ve had the same phone for about 2 or 3 years, this is a massive amount of time for someone like me who used to get a new phone every 9 months. So here I am walking around with my Iphone 4 (not to be mistaken for 4S with Siri) thinking all is right with the world.

Well last week I had my bubble busted and the wool lifted from over my eyes. I went to the doctor’s office in the middle of the afternoon and my battery was on 20% and as I waited and waited I watched that 20% go down to 8% and that 8% go down to 3%. I didn’t panic because out of the 5 girls at the front desk chances are that at least 2 of them had Iphones and we have enough of a relationship that they would let me “steal some juice”. So I approached the front desk all super confident that in about 10 seconds my battery would be well on it’s way to a resuscitation

Me: “Hey ladies, can I borrow one of your Iphone chargers for about 10 minutes?”
Them: “Sure”…”oh wait is that a 4?”
Me: “Yep”
Them: “Oh”…”None of us have 4’s we all have 5’s”
Me: “Oh, ok cool well thanks anyway” (that awkward moment when you find out you’re probably not part of the “cool kids clique” anymore)
Them: “Sorry” (accompanied with the sympathetic it sucks to be you face).

I’m not usually the keep up with the jones type of girl, I kind of dance to the beat of my own drum but dagnamit if I didn’t feel like the quintessential teenage girl that gets shunned at the popular girls’ table that she once called home because she has a couple of pimples. And that ladies and gentlemen is when I realized that this super hip in the know mom wasn’t as in the know as she thought she was…..

No worries…I got this!


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