The Digits: Essie: Cashmere Bathrobe

I’ve been a little conflicted with my nail polish choices as of late. I know technically it’s fall and it’s time for fall clothes and colors but I just can’t, not yet at least. I’m a lover of all things summer and spring so it’s been a bit of a challenge for me. I’m not ready in any aspect, my fall wardrobe is not ready, my body is not ready to be covered by so many clothes and my spirit is not ready for the short days longs nights. It’s been kind of hard for me to give up the summer brights and start even looking at the sultry blues and deep reds of the fall. But surely and veeeerrry slowly I’m transitioning. So this week’s manicure I gave it a try and I’ve got to say I’m loving it, who knew. Ladies, you ever find a color that looks so nice that it makes everything you do with your hands fun? I’ve found that color, Cashmere Bathrobe by Essie of course lol. Typing, writing, texting, digging through my purse, dressing babygirl, caressing my boo thang’s face just got HOT! Maybe fall isn’t so bad after all….

What do you think? What are some of your fall go to colors?



Photo credit: Stacey the Photographer

cashmere bathrobe




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