I’m no different than any other first time mom in my belief that my baby is a freaking genius.  Luckily for me iRealize that most babies these days are “space age babies” and are smarter than we expected.  One thing’s for sure even at 20 months old iCan tell that with the right stimulation and education baby girl has a bright future ahead of her. (note to self: no pressure, no pressure at all)

Well we’ve reached the curious stage, the watch what you say and do because she’s watching and studying stage.  Although very very tiresome never thought I’d look forward to my bedtime like little kids look forward to Christmas it is the most fun stage so far.  We find ourselves just watching her in awe of how fugging smart this kid is.  iThink at about 9 months when she crawled to the living room table, lifted herself up, grabbed her daddy’s keys and crawled to the door and mimicked unlocking/locking the door is when we realized that we were in for trouble.

She’s come a long way since then and now it’s nothing short of amazing to see her little wheels turning and watching her make decisions and see how fun she is.  I’ve had to ask my own mother if I was as smart at her age to which with a laugh my mom replied “not even close” (thanks alot mom).

Along with her “baby geniusness” comes her love for all products apple hence the “iBaby”.  Everyday it’s a knock down drag out fight to pry the iPad, iPod, iPhone from her freakishly strong grip.  I’m kind of embarrassed to say she knows how to maneuver my iPhone and iPad almost better than me.  And although I’m uber impressed that baby girl is so smart that she had the apple salesperson in disbelief of how she can work her way around the iPad iAm starting to have visions of the future with her being one of those kids who thinks they’re on punishment when their parents make them go outside to play and get fresh air (this is what iMeant when iSaid motherhood made me worry about things that iDidn’t even give a thought to before becoming a parent *sigh*).


iRonically enough a couple of weeks ago she spent a good 2 hours thoroughly entertained by playing with 2 empty water bottles and a sippy cup.  So I’ve decided to take that iDea and run with it, sooooooo my newest mommy mission is Operation iNothing.  iWill stop at nothing to try to get her a little less interested in iThings.   Wish me luck….




Mommy of a baby genius :-p


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