Things I’ve learned during this holiday vacation


What a difference a couple of days of not hustling and bustling makes. It also never fails that whenever I have more than the average weekend off I start to wondering how sweet it would be to be a stay at home mom. Then I think about bills, manicures and how much I love shopping for baby girl and it becomes a little easier to drag my ass back to work. So instead I enjoy every minute because they grow right before your very eyes.

Here are a couple of things I’ve learned/discovered about baby girl during my holiday vacation:

1) She’s totally begun forming 2-3 word sentences “hi mommy” “hi dada” “eat eat mommy” “it’s hot” “come elmo” and a couple of other fun things. She’s still very much giving us a piece of her mind in her own language and as funny as it is now, when we start to understand her I’m sure it won’t be so funny.

2) Babies are so gross sometimes! I’ve had the pleasure of being bathed in her newly discovered “talent”? blowing spit bubbles. 2 days ago I convinced myself that there was some kind of facial rejuvenation secret associated with baby’s spit that I was privy to before the rest of the world. And although I want to throw up in my mouth a little bit at the smell of dried up baby spit breath hands stroking my face, it is actually mucho endearing. So I just remember to hold my breath, bask in this moment and wash my face and her hands before bedtime.

3) If I don’t want to be assed out, LOCK THE BATHROOM DOOR! The other day we had company over and I excused myself to go to the bathroom, only for 2 minutes later to have this little one bust the damn door open like she’s the police. She then looked as if to say okay there you are and ran off with the door wide open and me not be able to leave the ahem potty at that very moment.

4) She’s a baby Florence Joyner Griffin and I am totes outta shape. Babygirl, her god mommy and myself visited the mall around Christmas, I decided to let her stretch her legs a bit and took her out of her stroller, MAN was that a bad idea! With arms pumping, her head straight back and those little legs going, homegirl took off running from one end of the mall to the other end. She didn’t even stop for a break, however her godmother and I had to tag team as if we were running a relay race to catch up with her. A bypasser commented “she’s gonna be fast” to which I replied in between heaving for air “uh she already is”. Me breaking a sweat is the understatement of the new year, who needs a treadmill when I can just let baby Flo Jo loose and try to catch her.

5) I used to wonder if people thought I was a little off for laughing so hard at baby girl when we were out in public but now I’m pretty sure they’re laughing too. I’m not exaggerating one bit when I tell you that she is possibly the funniest most entertaining little person I’ve ever met. Her new nickname Fun Muffin given to her by her godmother is obvi warranted. What with her facial expressions, comedic timing and all and she hasn’t even started really talking yet.

6) If our dog doesn’t pack a bag and run around from home this year I will be super surprised. I remember when we brought baby girl home from the hospital we were worried about how our doggie would treat her, we obviously had that mixed up. Although we know it’s out of love boy does she put a hurting on our poor doggie baby. Based on the cold cocks and bitch slaps she hands out I may have to rethink having another baby.

7) I’m totally in love!


4 thoughts on “Things I’ve learned during this holiday vacation

  1. Man, did you bring me back! First off, lady, you can never again use the bathroom without locking the door. Didn’t a girlfriend mention that at some time? And my daughter used to slobber all up and down my face and call it a kiss; so trust me when I tell you this spit bubbles aren’t too bad. I could go on, but point is: they are SOOO much fun when they’re little. Have a great time.


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