Fun Finds

This past New Year’s Eve Mr. Grumps and I were contemplating going out to ring in 2014. I was super excited at the thought of getting dolled up and putting on something sparkly. I usually spend New Year’s Eve at home or at a friend’s house because I refuse to spend hundreds of dollars to go someplace that I would normally get in for free…did you know that Applebees in Time Square was charging around $500 per person on NYE, yes Applebees…I digress. I must admit that I was so down for a NYE night out this year though….and then I was faced with a conundrum….what the hell am I gonna put on? I’ve only been buying the bare necessities (work clothes, leggings, cardigans etc) for this temporary body of mine, and so I’m up on the latest trends and I can dress other people to the nines but I skip the sparkly section when picking up things for me.

And on that night I made a vow to try to never be stuck in that I have absolutely nothing to wear category again if I can help it. Here are a couple of my fun finds that I ordered today and am super excited to get them in the mail. How’d I do?

No worries…I got this!


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