A Couple That Cleanses Together

Covets their toddler’s food!

This past Monday, Mr. Grumps and I started day 1 of our 20 day cleanse. For 20 days we will only partake in raw fruits and veggies and water, Oh how fun! Although not a new years resolution we decided that now was as good a time as ever to assist in ridding our bodies of as many toxins as we could in these 20 days. I’ve developed a horrible hankering for Pepsi and my on again off again relationship with Starbucks has not only been on again but it’s pretty hot and heavy. Hot and heavy to the point that when I walk in the building I don’t have to order, instead of writing my drink on the cup they just write my name. For Christ’s sake 2 of the barista gave me Christmas cards. So yeah if we keep this love affair going I’ll probably end up pregnant…well more like with a gut so big I look pregnant.

So here we are day 6 and man are we hungry. We feel great and I can see a difference in Mr. Grumps and he in I but gotdamnit I want some food. Feeding baby girl is cruel and unusual punishment, I’ve never been so envious of a 20 month old’s plate. Almost every night this week I’ve wanted to take a handful of her mac & cheese, baked fish, mashed potatoes, grilled cheese, applesauce and just shove it in my face. Real classy, yeah I know. But every time I’m ready to throw in the towel and get a burger I haven’t been able to follow through which leads me to believe we’re doing the right thing. Not to mention I’m pretty impressed with the amount of will power I’ve displayed.

Soldiering on is what we’ve decided to do and although we’re morphing dwarfs (cranky, hungry, sleepy, grumpy etc) I’m sure we’ll be very thankful in the long run. So here’s to cleansing, may I not wish this upon my worst enemy 🙂

No worries…I got this!


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