Fresh Face Haul

Today I planned on going to Zales and ended up in Sephora, don’t ask how my feet just led the way. Since I was there I decided to check out a couple of things and ended up with a fresh face haul.


I wouldn’t call myself a makeup wearer I’ll slap on some liner, mascara and lipstick and call it a day. Whenever I do use makeup I used a MAC powder foundation but after I had baby girl my skin tone changed a little bit which no longer was a good match with the foundation. Since then I’ve been using a MAC tinted moisturizer which I love but tends to feel a little heavy sometimes, especially because I’m not all that used to make up. I’ve been wanting to get a very very lightweight foundation so what better place to test some things out.

Stacy the Sephora MUA suggested Make Up Forever water based foundation which let me tell you, felt like I had nothing on my face and so it was a no brainer. This foundation is one I can wear everyday if I wanted and not feel like I had anything on.


I’m used to using brushes with my powder foundation but this makeup sponge Stacy used to apply my foundation was everything. I’m probably super late finding out about this but hey better late than never:


I wanted a blush that gave my cheeks a little color nothing too fancy just a little rosy cheek and so I picked up blush by NARS in Taos:


I also picked up a lip crayon by BITE the color Grape:


I’ve been reading in almost every beauty magazine that the new trend for caring for oily skin is to use oil on your skin. I tested a couple of oils and I couldn’t stomach the smell of most but this oil by BOSCIA came highly recommended and it has a light floral fragrance which smelled way better than the others I tested. I decided to make my face a test tube dummy and give it a try.


This is the end product of my haul minus the lipstick that ended up all over baby girl’s face once I came home.


How do you like my fresh face look? What are some of your go to fresh face/everyday makeup favorites?


8 thoughts on “Fresh Face Haul

  1. Love it. You look great! I don’t wear much make-up either, but when it’s a must, I use Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and Make-up Forever too (concealer stick). You’ve inspired me to maybe do a make-up post! 🙂


  2. Anna Banana says:

    YOU LOOK GORG!! I’m mildly obsessed with Bite Beauty also Great pick! When you run out off the MUFE, give Laura Mercier Tinited moisturizer a try you might fall in love with that also!


    • Hi Banana! Omg that BiTE lip crayon is EVERYTHING right in the makeup world. It applied like buttah. I def will be investing in more colors. You are the second person to recommend Laura mercies tinted moisturizer so I’m gna have to check tht out too. Oh I see becoming a make up junkie in my future! Oy vey


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