Sh*t Mr. Grumps says…

Today is day 12 of our (Mr. Grumps and I) 20 day cleanse which allows us to only eat fruit, raw veggies and water.  To sum up the last 12 days I will say that I would do something strange for a cup of coffee and some cooked food.  At this point it doesn’t even have to be particularly good tasting cooked food just something cooked and not a vegetable.  A string of pasta, the tip of a chicken wing, a spoonful of soup, the corners of a piece of bread…I digress!

Last night while watching tv Mr. Grumps pointed out how many food commercials come on during an hour of television.  I’m not sure if I was already aware of it or if we’re just hungry but as we watched what seemed like an hour’s worth of food commercials sprinkled in with a couple minutes of the actual tv show Mr. Grumps dropped this jewel on me….

“It’s a shame you know.  There’s all this food in the world.  All this food in the world for us to enjoy.  But we can’t enjoy it because we have to worry about becoming obese.”  (drops mic, exits stage right).

Safe to say he’s longing for a hot meal also!

No worries…we got this!  (I think?)


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