Turn down for what!

I swear she makes it so easy for me to forget that she’s only 1-year-old.  I’m rather impressed by baby girl’s communicative skills, through her ever-growing vocabulary, facial expressions, occasional uh huh’s and her comedic timing I know just what she means and although she isn’t fully talking yet she understands every.single.word.

This morning I left Mr. Grumps and baby girl home.  While in the middle of shopping I get a text from Mr. Grumps….

Grumps: “babygirl is a mess”

me: “what did she do now”

Grumps: “I guess she got tired of me telling her to turn the iPad down so she crawled off the bed and went in the living room”

All eyes were on me as I bust out laughing in the middle of the supermarket aisle.

I returned home shortly after to baby girl sitting on the couch with ankles crossed like a little lady and laughing hysterical at Charlie biting his brother.  “Hi mommy” she said just barely looking away from Charlie, “hi baby girl, why are you out here by yourself, daddy got on your nerves?”.  She finally looked up from her iPad with a face that can only be described as “boy let me tell you” and said ever so seriously “uh huh”

I couldn’t control my laughter.  If ever there was a time for the saying “turn down from what” this was it!   oy vey


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