The Digits: Opi: Love Angel Music Baby

Clearly I was living under a rock for a couple of months to not know that Gwen Stefani was working with OPI for her line of colors.  Mariah Carey either, even though between Thanksgiving and Christmas I did notice all the glittery colors and found myself saying what’s with all the damn glitter geez, makes total sense now.

This week I was in a bit of a rush and kind of hastily picked a color.  I cannot tell a lie the whole entire time I was getting my manicure done I was second guessing this color as in the bottle it looks totally Austin Powers, I was afraid I’d walk out the salon looking like Foxxy Cleopatra (gold tooth included)


Buuuut I was pleasantly surprised.  It’s very soft and subtle.  Almost like a nudish looking color lightly sprinkled with fairy dust.  It makes my rather manly and abused hands look super dainty and pretty.  This will definitely be going down in my books as a go to.  Love it!  What do you think (please excuse my lackluster photo)





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