What in the World

***disclaimer: I am not into politics, I am not in support of or against the current mayor.  I am just an observer and am expressing my opinion***

It used to really grind my gears that whenever there was a snowstorm my hood would reflect the weather but when I made it in to work in Manhattan it looked like what storm?, making it seem like an exaggeration when I mentioned how bad the snow looked in my neighborhood.

Yesterday NY experienced its second big snowstorm of 2014, also the second storm with our new mayor Bill DiBlasio. In a nutshell Manhattan was a nightmare yesterday and is pretty damn ratchet today too. I’m so not used to having the city (Manhattan) look like this. I guess it’s in part to Bloomberg making sure that his hood (Manhattan) was a priority on the clean up list, while all the other boroughs pretty much had to wait for rain or a unseasonably warm day to get its chance at a clean up.

This morning the news interviewed a couple of people as they usually do after a storm to see how the public rated the clean up efforts, the usual. News cameras and anchorman were stationed in the upper east side and the usual questions were being asked how did you manage in the storm yada yada yada (for those who don’t know the upper east siders are also known as the richer than most folk) when asked just about all of them hemmed and hawed about having to deal with ice and slush and snow on the ground (heaven forbid). One particular women said she believes it’s on purpose that they were left to endure the aftermath of a snowstorm (poor babies) and how she thought the new mayor didn’t clean the city on purpose as if he’s out to get the upper east siders.

As I watched in disbelief that this woman was on tv pitching a bitch on how she has to maneuver through snow, whilst she goes to meet her friends at Starbucks, to a bunch of viewers dressing in 3 and 4 layers and putting on their very best snow boots to make it to work, I couldn’t help but think…nana nana boo boo now your hood looks like mine.

Don’t get me wrong, I do agree that the mayor could have done a way better job of cleaning up ALL 5 BOROUGHS but then again that’s always the case.  But the people of Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island in every snowstorm pull up their britches and make do.  My suggestion to the Upper East Siders is put your big girl or boy panties on and DEAL WITH IT!!!



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