Jam of the Week (Mine)

I know this isn’t new but this is my jam of the moment. 

Mine: Beyoncé f/ Drake

Album: Beyoncé

Artist: Beyoncé

Song: Mine f. Drake

video courtesy of dailymotion.com


The Digits: Essie: Cocktails & Coconuts + Hot Coco

This week’s color choices explain exactly where my head is at.  Essie’s Cocktails & Coconuts and Hot Coco. 



With all the snow storms  and cold dreary days New York has had, I’d love nothing more than to be on a beach sipping cocktails out of a coconut, but since I can’t I’ll settle for my couch and a cup of hot coco.



What do you think?

Photo Credit: Stacey the Photographer

Sh*t My Granny Says

We are now in the serious climbing phase of parenthood.  Babygirl has gone from the simple “nothing to worry about lifts” to the daredevil “I do not want to go to the hospital tonight” leaps and bounds.  So I can’t say I was too surprised by the phone call I received this morning from my granny but I wasn’t quite ready for the turn our conversation took, the convo went a little something like this:

Granny: Hey Mo!

Me: Hey Granny!

Granny: Look I went into babygirl’s room to grab her clothes and when I came out, she climbed on puppy’s cage and got a hold of that money you left

Me: *gasp* she didn’t rip it up did she?!!!!!!!!

Granny: no, no, no,  but it is all over the floor, she was making it rain.

Did my granny just say “making it rain?” why yes, yes she did.  Ay ay ay!  I couldn’t control my laughter.  I can’t help but wonder where she’s heard “make it rain” seeing as I’m just about the youngest person she hangs with.

Mama’s In the Kitchen Cooking (Kale Chips)

My sister’s recipe….

Yep I’ve jumped on the kale wagon.  Since the cleanse I’ve been trying to find new healthy ways to snack so I just had to try my sister’s recipe for homemade kale chips.  It has that crunch that we all love from chips minus all the junk and homemade kale chips are way more inexpensive than buying those plastic containers filled with air.  I gotta tell you these kale chips were so good my granny couldn’t keep her hands out the bowl. 

For starters you will need:

1 bag of kale (I used Glory’s kale)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper

Parmesan Cheese

  1. Pre-heat Oven at 375 degrees
  2. While oven is preheating
  3. Rinse kale and pat dry with paper towel to ensure chips won’t get soggy
  4. Spread kale out on cookie sheet/baking pan careful not to overcrowd pan.
  5. Sprinkle olive oil (my sister’s recipe called for 2 tbsp but I freestyled)
  6. Season kale with salt and pepper
  7. Place in oven for 15-20
  8. Chips should be golden brown but not burnt and crispy
  9. Sprinkle parmesan cheese
  10. Enjoy

Thanks for the recipe sissy ❤


The Cleanse

I’ve been officially off of the cleanse for a couple of weeks now and although it wasn’t very pleasant eating raw vegetables ALL DAY LONG I must admit that I look and feel better.  I’ve been stuck in a certain weight range since I got pregnant with baby girl and given birth and no matter what I did I couldn’t get out of this particular range.  I’m proud to say  that I lost 12 lbs and am way out of that range.  Even while cleansing I was afraid that once I started eating like a normal person again I would gain again and be right back where I started but so far so good.  I’ve been able to keep it off.   I learned a lot in those 20 days about myself, my choices in food, what I liked and disliked about this cleanse that I plan on taking along with me on this journey of healthy weight loss.  Like to hear em?  Here they go…

The 2 most important things in continuing my weight loss is preparedness and self control.  The days that I prepared my lunches and snacks the night before were the days that I did my best.  In preparing my meals in advance it took away those  hungry moments when usually I’d run to the vending machine and grab a bag of chips or what have you.  Being prepared took all of the guess work out of that what to eat during that 330 in the afternoon “I need a snack time”.   And for those days when I wasn’t prepared I had to use lots and lots of self control to keep my goal in focus and not do anything to jeopardize what I was working towards.  Trust me it was tough but the feeling of accomplishment I felt and still feel trumps any piece of cooked food I could have eaten.

I learned that I love my coffee and it’s something I’m not willing to give up but since I’m not willing to give it up I have to make better choices which meant no more sugary, syrupy lattes from Starbucks.  I’m actually proud of the fact that I haven’t had a Starbucks drink in about a month and a half…I digress.  I have a Keurig coffee machine that I absolutely love and so I make my own coffee everyday instead of spending $10 a day on a drink with ingredients that although are quite tasty, disagree with my waistline, my wallet and my goals.

Water is my friend.  I used to not drink as much water as I should because it sent me to the bathroom a lot but nothing tops the bathroom runs I had while preggers and so pour me another glass please!

My final lesson learned was moderation.  I love french fries or potatoes for that matter but unfortunately for me I don’t have the metabolism of a supermodel or 8-year-old and so I can’t have them as much as I want.  But I can have them in moderation.  I like to think of myself as a realist and being a realist I know I will never be one of those people who will completely cut a food group out of my life to be thinner and unhappy, but I can have some of the not so great things in moderation, still achieve getting thinner and be happy.

This cleanse was just the jump-start I needed to lose a couple of pounds and motivate me to return to my workout regime.   I didn’t expect to learn as much as I did and to stick with it but hey look at me now.  And so it all begin….

Oh and if you were wondering about Mr. Grumps he lost a gang of weight without even trying as hard…men *tuh*

No worries…I got this!