Sh*t My Granny Says

We are now in the serious climbing phase of parenthood.  Babygirl has gone from the simple “nothing to worry about lifts” to the daredevil “I do not want to go to the hospital tonight” leaps and bounds.  So I can’t say I was too surprised by the phone call I received this morning from my granny but I wasn’t quite ready for the turn our conversation took, the convo went a little something like this:

Granny: Hey Mo!

Me: Hey Granny!

Granny: Look I went into babygirl’s room to grab her clothes and when I came out, she climbed on puppy’s cage and got a hold of that money you left

Me: *gasp* she didn’t rip it up did she?!!!!!!!!

Granny: no, no, no,  but it is all over the floor, she was making it rain.

Did my granny just say “making it rain?” why yes, yes she did.  Ay ay ay!  I couldn’t control my laughter.  I can’t help but wonder where she’s heard “make it rain” seeing as I’m just about the youngest person she hangs with.


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