100 Happy Days: Days 17-20

Day 17:
Last week was kind of hectic for me especially at work. My “anywhere but here” collage at work was a welcomed break when I needed to take a break from all the work I had piled up.


Day 18:
As most of you have gathered by now I love to run (although I’d love even more if my body reflected my love of running) and so it made me super happy when I found out that the Nike running store near my job has a run club. They meet a couple nights a week and on Saturdays to run the city. How freaking cool is that!


Day 19:
It seems the repetitive theme of the week was running. And so I signed up for a 3.5 mile marathon with my job. Wish me luck!

happy day

Day 20:
Spending the day with my two loves at the Universoul Circus.


How is your 100 Happy Days challenge going?


Mushy Mommy Moment: Kids Say the Sweetest Things

The Universoul Circus is in town yaaaaayyyyyy!

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to take baby girl and her partner in crime.  Man, did they have a good time.  The two of them danced their little tushes off and it was just a joy to see.

While leaving the circus if it was humanly possible for me to melt into a pile of mush I would be the first.

Babygirl: Mommy mommy

Me: Yes babygirl

Babygirl: That was fwun

Me: It was fun babygirl

Babygirl: Mommy

Me: Yes babygirl

Babygirl: Da Wa awwwwweshhhhhome

Me: (screaming and crying on the inside) It was awesome?

Babygirl: I happy

Me: (fainted)

Those 3 sentences made my entire life!

I definitely had a case of the mushies.

No worries…..I’m back though, tough as ever until she says something else to make my heart melt away!


A hard head makes for an……obedient child?

When I was growing up I heard a lot of “a hard head makes for a soft bottom”.  Meaning if I was hard-headed and didn’t listen 1 of 2 things were going to happen.

1) I would hurt myself because I didn’t listen.


2) I would get a beating because I didn’t listen.

A couple of nights ago I found myself saying or about to say it to baby girl but before I could she totally took control of the situation.

While laying across the couch trying to rest my achy not so young body, baby girl decided she wanted to “play”. By play I do mean covering her face with a blanket whilst falling off and climbing back onto my leg. “Stop it baby girl. You’re gonna fall. You better be careful, you’re gonna fall!”
As quickly as she stopped to take into consideration what I just said is as quickly as she continued “playing”. “Stop it baby girl. You’re gonna fall. You better be careful, you’re gonna fa…
(as she somersaulted from the couch onto the floor)
Luckily for us both she was more startled than hurt. After a while of rocking back and forth, boo boo kissing and wiping tears she finally calmed down. “Mommy, mommy” baby girl says as she looks up at me. “Yes, baby” I reply. “I fell!” “Yeah baby girl fell but she’s ok!” “Mommy, mommy!” “Yes baby!” “I (baby jargon) careful!”
The silence and looks of disbelief throughout the room were priceless as we all realized what baby girl had just said.
I swear this kid never ceases to amaze me. Hopefully tonight she learned to listen.
Yeah doubt it!

No worries….I got this!

100 Happy Days: Days 12-16

Day 12:

I was able to go get a mani/pedi after work and then come home and lay down.  It was a calgon sort of day!


Day 13:

Retail therapy! 


Day 14:

Road trip with my honeybun Mr. Grumps



Day 15:

Mr. Grumps and I got to see Salt n Pepa (and Spinderella) perform.  FYI: Those girls still got it!





Day 16:

This face!


How are your 100 happy days going?

100 Happy Days: Day 11

Day 11:

The devil was hard at work yesterday, throwing things and situations in my path that could have possibly and almost ruined my 11th happy day.  But God sent me a sign in the form of my sissy and her email and a little reminder of my mission and I was back to my happy:

be so happy

No worries….I almost lost but I got this!

100 Happy Days: Days 9-10

Day 9:

I’m on a mission to grow healthy hair down to my booty and so last week I cut my hair.  Strange yes I know but I wanted to start fresh so I could end strong.  Like most girls as I heard the continual snip of the scissors I was thinking what have I done and second guessing my decision.  I’m glad to report that after a little more than a week I’m loving my cut and am looking forward to my hair down my booty journey.  Sometimes change is great!


Day 10:

Yesterday was such a chill type of day.  My morning was chill.  Work was chill.  Everything was chill.  I don’t think I realized it until I was sitting down chilling with baby girl.  And I thought to myself I just love these chill times.  Here are babygirl and I…chilling lol.


No worries….I got this!