100 Happy Day Challenge

Over the weekend a friend of mine posted a challenge on Facebook called 100 happy days and it seemed so fun, challenging and inspiring that I was compelled to give it a try.

100 Happy Days challenges you to be happy for 100 days in a row and to document daily whatever it is that made you happy each day.  At first glance you think to yourself oh that’s easy but is it really?  I can personally say that sometimes I get so stuck in my routine or just go through the motions of the day that content, yes I may be but happy, maybe not.  I’m just on day 2 and already this challenge was provoked me to open my eyes and see the good in each day, or shall I say the happy, appreciate the little things, make note of it and hell bask in it damnit.  For instance, how lucky I am to have such a great, strong and supportive family and how blessed I am that babygirl has such a strong bond with them already. 

Day #1: I watched my dad and babygirl play last night and his face was so full of joy and light that it made me so happy and in that moment I felt so lucky to have witnessed this.











I look forward to the next 98 days and welcome the challenge of finding my happy each and every day and hopefully my joy with resonate and inspire and cause of chain reaction, kind of like paying it forward.  After all it is what God intended.  Would you be interested in taking the challenge with me?  If so, click on the link above and register. 


No worries….I got this!


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