100 Happy Days: Days 2-3

I totally intend to make this a daily post but since I was feeling a little under the weather I didn’t get a chance to.  So here are my #100happydays posts for days 2 & 3:

A preface to my Day 2 post, I live in New York and the commute to/from work makes the day much more stressful than it needs to be.  Public transportation is as bad as driving and most days I am screaming in my head from the frustration caused by all the traffic.  Monday #day 2 my app said traffic wasn’t so bad so I decided to drive and I was pleasantly surprised, 20 minutes to get to work and about 30 to get home.  I made it home 1 minute before 6:00pm which is always a SCORE and was welcomed by a sunset I don’t get to see very often and it made me smile from ear to ear and very happy!

Day 2:


Day 3:

At the end of my sister in law’s birthday celebration dinner we all got fortune cookies, while sitting next to Mr. Grumps I opened my fortune which read:


Need I say more?

No worries…I got this!


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