100 Happy Days: Days 6-8

Here are my happy days 6-8.

Day 6:

Almost a month ago I decided to get my ass back in the gym and do everything in my power to get to my goal weight.  I love to run and so I decided to push myself and run faster and farther.  My cut off for the past year has been 3 miles and by then I’m exhausted, so when my Nike plus app told me that I had a 4 mile run I did a pretty good job of almost talking myself out of going to the gym all together.  But I went and I did my very first 4 mile run.  It was hard, I sweat so bad (I mean BAD, what a bad scene it was), I could barely walk to the locker room when I was done but I MADE IT!  I’m so proud of myself!

Day 7:

Babygirl and I were up in chuch (church) on a Saturday ya’ll.  Day 7 my uncle was ordained a pastor.  I’m so very proud of him and was happy to be there with the rest of my family in support of this wonderful milestone in his life.


Day 8:

2 words, my mom.  She’s awesome.  I call it a superpower but she has the ability to bring a calm wherever she goes and I swear she just knows when I need her without me having to say a word. 


How are your 100 happy days coming along?


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