100 Happy Days: Days 9-10

Day 9:

I’m on a mission to grow healthy hair down to my booty and so last week I cut my hair.  Strange yes I know but I wanted to start fresh so I could end strong.  Like most girls as I heard the continual snip of the scissors I was thinking what have I done and second guessing my decision.  I’m glad to report that after a little more than a week I’m loving my cut and am looking forward to my hair down my booty journey.  Sometimes change is great!


Day 10:

Yesterday was such a chill type of day.  My morning was chill.  Work was chill.  Everything was chill.  I don’t think I realized it until I was sitting down chilling with baby girl.  And I thought to myself I just love these chill times.  Here are babygirl and I…chilling lol.


No worries….I got this!


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