A hard head makes for an……obedient child?

When I was growing up I heard a lot of “a hard head makes for a soft bottom”.  Meaning if I was hard-headed and didn’t listen 1 of 2 things were going to happen.

1) I would hurt myself because I didn’t listen.


2) I would get a beating because I didn’t listen.

A couple of nights ago I found myself saying or about to say it to baby girl but before I could she totally took control of the situation.

While laying across the couch trying to rest my achy not so young body, baby girl decided she wanted to “play”. By play I do mean covering her face with a blanket whilst falling off and climbing back onto my leg. “Stop it baby girl. You’re gonna fall. You better be careful, you’re gonna fall!”
As quickly as she stopped to take into consideration what I just said is as quickly as she continued “playing”. “Stop it baby girl. You’re gonna fall. You better be careful, you’re gonna fa…
(as she somersaulted from the couch onto the floor)
Luckily for us both she was more startled than hurt. After a while of rocking back and forth, boo boo kissing and wiping tears she finally calmed down. “Mommy, mommy” baby girl says as she looks up at me. “Yes, baby” I reply. “I fell!” “Yeah baby girl fell but she’s ok!” “Mommy, mommy!” “Yes baby!” “I (baby jargon) careful!”
The silence and looks of disbelief throughout the room were priceless as we all realized what baby girl had just said.
I swear this kid never ceases to amaze me. Hopefully tonight she learned to listen.
Yeah doubt it!

No worries….I got this!


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