Mushy Mommy Moment: Kids Say the Sweetest Things

The Universoul Circus is in town yaaaaayyyyyy!

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to take baby girl and her partner in crime.  Man, did they have a good time.  The two of them danced their little tushes off and it was just a joy to see.

While leaving the circus if it was humanly possible for me to melt into a pile of mush I would be the first.

Babygirl: Mommy mommy

Me: Yes babygirl

Babygirl: That was fwun

Me: It was fun babygirl

Babygirl: Mommy

Me: Yes babygirl

Babygirl: Da Wa awwwwweshhhhhome

Me: (screaming and crying on the inside) It was awesome?

Babygirl: I happy

Me: (fainted)

Those 3 sentences made my entire life!

I definitely had a case of the mushies.

No worries…..I’m back though, tough as ever until she says something else to make my heart melt away!



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