Hi Friends! Mr. Grumps kindly reminded me last night that I’ve been a horrible blogger this month and I cannot disagree. In my defense this month has been a whirlwind and I just became a product of life getting in the way. But do not fret. I am back and with a vengeance…boy do I have some things to tell you guys.

Anyways, to start this off right here’s my jam of the week.

Artist: Bill Withers
Song: Lovely Day


Have a wonderful week!

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100 Happy Days

Okay so with traveling and being swamped with work for the past week and a half I’ve totally fallen off on keeping track of my 100 happy days. I promise to start fresh again today (day 36).

Here are a couple of things I did get to snap pics of that made me pretty happy (in no specific order), here’s a rundown: traveling with my big girl and my Mr. Grumps, spending time with family, being on time to work all week, having the best week so far meeting my goals of staying active by keeping track with my fuel band, baby girl’s super cute new bikini, my new nail polish and my new miss jessie’s transitioners magic that I can’t wait to use.

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The Digits: Essie: French Affair + Formula X: Chaotic

I went into Sephora to pick up one thing and of course I walked out with a bag filled with goodies. By far my favorite purchase was Formula X by Sephora’s explosives top coats in “chaotic”

Formula X: Chaotic

It can be an easy way to spruce up naked nails or an accent to already painted nails and you’ve got yourself fun/funky nails.

I accented my Essie French Affair manicure with chaotic and am absolutely in love with the end result.

Essie: French Affair



Is it amazeballs or what!!!