But First Let Me Take a #Selfie


My mom and I bought my granny an iPhone a couple years back for photo, video and FaceTime purposes when she cares for Babygirl. She keeps accusing us of giving her the phone and saying here figure out how it works, I can’t agree with that. Anywho, she’s done a great job of becoming textually active and mastering taking the cutest action pics and videos of Babygirl. As far as I thought I knew, all questions had been answered regarding the functionality of her iPhone until last night.

As I’m standing at the sink washing dishes the convo went a little something like this…

Granny: Hey Mo

Me: Yes granny

Granny: Did you get the pics I sent you today?

Me: Yep, thank you. Oh, I have to change the filter on your camera.

Granny: Ok, while you’re at it you might as well show me where the selfie button is.

Me: *blank stare*

Nothing in my being is prepared to ever in life hear her say, sure I’ll send you a pic of Babygirl but first, let me take this selfie. Nope not ready! The curse and blessing of having a hipster grandparent who isn’t afraid of a little technology.

selfie 2


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