The Digits: OPI: You Are So Outta Lime

Well hello summer and bright nail colors, we have been patiently awaiting your arrival.

I can now add something else to why I enjoy choosing fun nail colors, Babygirl is totally into it. It started a month or so back when I dared to get a yellow manicure (yellow being what I assume to be Babygirl’s favorite color). I came home and when she saw my nails she pressed each nail individually and said “yelyo mommy”. I thought it was the cutest thing and everyday for the rest of the week she would do the same thing, press my nails and say “yelyo”.
At first I thought it was just because she liked the color yelyo, yet every manicure since then she’s done the same thing. So now when picking colors for my manicures I try to pick something fun that she would like. Luckily for us both it’s bright color time so this should be fun.

OPI and Essie both have a neon collection out right now and although I consider myself an Essie whore, with their neons you need AT LEAST 3 coats. I hate sitting and waiting for my nails to dry so 3 coats is equivalent to torture in my book. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
OPI’s neons on the other hand are the typical 2 coats and you’re done.

This week I chose OPI’s “You Are So Outta Lime” from their neon collection and let’s just say it’s so much fun and Babygirl approved!



What do you think? Do you dare to wear neon nails?


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