Jam of the Week: Don’t

This is one of those songs that I can’t pinpoint exactly where I’ve heard it first but I can’t get it out of my head. I’m slowly but surely developing a crush on how cool his music is. Also I’m a sucker for a ginger and an accent. His cool has also been solidified by Vibe Magazine as one of the 3 most wanted r&b artists right now. Congrats Ed, greatly deserved!!!

photo courtesy of Vibe.com

photo courtesy of Vibe.com

Song: Don’t
Artist: Ed Sheeran
Album: X


2 thoughts on “Jam of the Week: Don’t

  1. You KNOW my name says:

    Here’s where I tell ya crap you need not know but I gotta get it outta my head. Ed Sheeran was a BATTLE RAPPER in his past life. Which makes him exponentially cooler than he was by being a mentor on The Voice, lol. That’s all I have to say about thayat.


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