Jam of the Week: Stay With Me

I’m in love with this man….well his voice at least! He’s another one of those soulful voiced UK boys that makes you feel something when he sings. Hope you enjoy!

Song: Stay With Me
Artist: Sam Smith
Album: In the Lonely Hour


I’m A Drag!

I’ve been binge watching RuPaul’s Drag Race (because who doesn’t love a reality competition show) and believe it or not it’s way educational. And although I feel more well rounded as a human being I think I may be in drag overdrive, here’s why:



If you would have asked me a month ago I would have told you these lady boys were pre-gaming for a trip to the circus but I now know that this is called contouring and it is the only way in which to be truly beat!


To hell with being comfortable I’ve been rocking my waist cincher so that when I leave my house my waist is cinched to the hernia gawds hunty!

I told my cousin she was FISHY and she got mad at me! I had to explain to her that in the drag world fishy is a compliment. It means you are super fierce and super feminine. Apparently she doesn’t get out much!

While preparing for my upcoming vacation and trying on outfits I couldn’t stop serving my granny realness as she so graciously photographed each look. ie. “with this look I am serving MILF realness” “I am giving you toned legged realness” “grecian goodness realness”. After asking me what the hell I was talking about a couple of times she just told me to shut up and pose for the picture.

As fun and colorful as “living” in the drag world has been it’s not as much fun when you’re the only one in your circle who lives there. So my people need to get it together and get on to this drag race realness so that they can be “sickening” like me.

And that’s all I have to say….as I sashay away!

The Digits: Essie: In the Cab-ana & Luxeffects Set in Stone

After a month of my nails going through a chipping like crazy phase and not growing as quickly as they usually do, I decided to give my nails a break (no pun intended). Instead of getting a manicure with a new color every week I’ve been alternating with color and just top coat. I take it the break agreed with me as my nails are back to tiptop conditions.

I’m especially loving the many fun shades of purples and blues nail collections have to offer this summer. Last week I chose Essie’s “In the Cab-ana” and broke up some of the blue with Essie’s “Luxeffects Set in Stone”.

In the Cab-ana

In the Cab-ana

Luxeffects: Set in Stone

Luxeffects: Set in Stone

in the cabana

set in stone

What are some of your summer favorites/go to shades?

Jam of the Week: Latch

Okay so this is how I know I love this song. A couple of weeks ago I don’t know where I was or what I was doing but this song came on and I started moving my feet, then I started to rummage through my bag to find my phone to Shazam (the best thing since sliced bread for a music lover like myself) it before it went off. BAM! SHAZAM’D.
Then like the airhead I sometimes am I totes forgot about it. Well yesterday while chilling with Mr. Grumps and the Baybay the song came on in a store and my booty started moving this time and I’m all like this song is dope! I go to get my phone to Shazam it only to realize I left my phone at home whomp whomp whooooooooooooomp! I then attempt to memorize some of the words of the chorus so that I can google the song when I reconnect with my phone, which is pretty freaking hard when Babygirl is choking me during her botched up attempt to get a piggyback ride. As I’m realizing that this isn’t gonna work my lightbulb comes on, I think I Shazam’d this song before. Oh I hope I hope I hope I did. And guess what…..I DID! Yep I’m a genius that way.
So without anymore blubbering here is the song that temporarily drove me nuts yesterday, don’t judge me I love music. Hope you enjoy!

Song: Latch
Artist: Disclosure
Album: Settle

Mommy Checklist

In addition to my loved ones telling me that I’m burning both ends of the candle lately I’ve been feeling like there isn’t enough time in the day for mama. Who’s with me on that?!! While I have house and work in order, mommy is a hot damn mess! Or at least I sure as hell feel that way.

Yesterday while I had a moment to myself as Babygirl took a nap, I sat and reflected on the things that immediately came to mind when I thought about feeling like my shit was together. Although I named in something different “shit togetherness” I’ll refer to it as my mommy checklist. It’s part vanity, a splash of health, with a dab of fiscal and a sprinkle of mental. As I was making my list I felt a kind of calm which helps me to feel like I’m headed in the right direction.

So without further adieu here’s my mommy checklist:

1) Drink more water
2) Exercise more
3) Continue savings plan
4) Start $1 dollar bill savings for house
5) Start carrying cash and use debit card less
6) Bring lunch to work at least 2-3 days a week
7) Keep pocketbook clean
8) Use phone calendar, notes and reminder more
9) 2 minute body appreciation each night
10) Schedule mani, pedi & hair appointments regularly
11) Blog more often it always makes you feel better
12) Wash face and brush teeth before bed each night

Simple list right? Not too intense. Does anyone else have a checklist? Has it helped any? I’d love to hear from you.

No worries…I got this!

Sh*t Babygirl Says…

Conversations with babygirl have been way more interesting now that they aren’t one-sided and by interesting I mean most of the time I’m left open-mouthed and confused faced. I’m baffled by babies’ comedic timing and knowing when to use certain phrases. In the last couple of weeks babygirl has dropped some of these precious jewels:

Just this morning as she sat and ate her silver dollar sized pancakes like a big girl:
Me: Pay attention when you’re eating don’t make a mess
BG: Ok don’t worry mommy, I got it!
(well excuse the hell out of me)

Last night as she devoured a salad that was intended for me, I tried to make a learning game out of it and asked her the name of each vegetable she practically stole from my mouth:
Me: What’s that?
BG: Egg
Me: Very good
Me: What’s that
BG: Apple
Me: No that’s a tomato
BG: mumble jumble
Me: No say Toe
BG: Toe
Me: May
BG: May
Me: Toe
BG: Toe
Me: Tomato
BG: Cameltoe

A week or so ago, before leaving for work after applying my lip balm and putting it away I extend it to her because I know how much she loves putting chap stick and lip balm on. Not realizing she had a hand full of toys:
BG: One second mommy (as she holds up the one second finger)

If these are the type of conversations I’m having at only 2 years old I can only imagine how much better (hilarious) it is going to get. Pray for me ya’ll.

No worries…..she got it!