Sh*t Babygirl Says…

Conversations with babygirl have been way more interesting now that they aren’t one-sided and by interesting I mean most of the time I’m left open-mouthed and confused faced. I’m baffled by babies’ comedic timing and knowing when to use certain phrases. In the last couple of weeks babygirl has dropped some of these precious jewels:

Just this morning as she sat and ate her silver dollar sized pancakes like a big girl:
Me: Pay attention when you’re eating don’t make a mess
BG: Ok don’t worry mommy, I got it!
(well excuse the hell out of me)

Last night as she devoured a salad that was intended for me, I tried to make a learning game out of it and asked her the name of each vegetable she practically stole from my mouth:
Me: What’s that?
BG: Egg
Me: Very good
Me: What’s that
BG: Apple
Me: No that’s a tomato
BG: mumble jumble
Me: No say Toe
BG: Toe
Me: May
BG: May
Me: Toe
BG: Toe
Me: Tomato
BG: Cameltoe

A week or so ago, before leaving for work after applying my lip balm and putting it away I extend it to her because I know how much she loves putting chap stick and lip balm on. Not realizing she had a hand full of toys:
BG: One second mommy (as she holds up the one second finger)

If these are the type of conversations I’m having at only 2 years old I can only imagine how much better (hilarious) it is going to get. Pray for me ya’ll.

No worries…..she got it!


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