Jam of the Week: Latch

Okay so this is how I know I love this song. A couple of weeks ago I don’t know where I was or what I was doing but this song came on and I started moving my feet, then I started to rummage through my bag to find my phone to Shazam (the best thing since sliced bread for a music lover like myself) it before it went off. BAM! SHAZAM’D.
Then like the airhead I sometimes am I totes forgot about it. Well yesterday while chilling with Mr. Grumps and the Baybay the song came on in a store and my booty started moving this time and I’m all like this song is dope! I go to get my phone to Shazam it only to realize I left my phone at home whomp whomp whooooooooooooomp! I then attempt to memorize some of the words of the chorus so that I can google the song when I reconnect with my phone, which is pretty freaking hard when Babygirl is choking me during her botched up attempt to get a piggyback ride. As I’m realizing that this isn’t gonna work my lightbulb comes on, I think I Shazam’d this song before. Oh I hope I hope I hope I did. And guess what…..I DID! Yep I’m a genius that way.
So without anymore blubbering here is the song that temporarily drove me nuts yesterday, don’t judge me I love music. Hope you enjoy!

Song: Latch
Artist: Disclosure
Album: Settle


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