The Digits: Essie: In the Cab-ana & Luxeffects Set in Stone

After a month of my nails going through a chipping like crazy phase and not growing as quickly as they usually do, I decided to give my nails a break (no pun intended). Instead of getting a manicure with a new color every week I’ve been alternating with color and just top coat. I take it the break agreed with me as my nails are back to tiptop conditions.

I’m especially loving the many fun shades of purples and blues nail collections have to offer this summer. Last week I chose Essie’s “In the Cab-ana” and broke up some of the blue with Essie’s “Luxeffects Set in Stone”.

In the Cab-ana

In the Cab-ana

Luxeffects: Set in Stone

Luxeffects: Set in Stone

in the cabana

set in stone

What are some of your summer favorites/go to shades?


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