The Digits: Nail Polish Origins Unknown

I expressed in one of my previous posts OPI: You Are So Outta Lime that a lot of Essie’s and OPI’s summer neon colors need at least 3 coats to look like something and since then my frustration has grown.  I gave up the fun, bright in the bottle neon and moved on to the pale almost white looking colors.  I’ve always loved white nail polish but with my complexion it gets tricky and can sometimes look like I painted my nails with White Out (do people still use white out?).

This is my second time going to the salon in my neighborhood aka the hood salon and using this color.  I liked it so much that I’ve been searching for it in Target, Walgreen, Duane Reade and beauty supply stores to buy it (you know I really love a polish when I purchase it) and I kept lucking out.  Last week I went back to the salon and used the same color again,  I even told the technician how much I loved the color and how I was having a really hard time finding it.  She said I may be having such a hard time because it’s an older color and the stores usually sell the most recent collections.  Viable explanation right?  Wrong.   As I’m sitting here on the Essie website looking for an image of the color I thought was “Nice is Nice” I see that the actual Nice is Nice looks nothing like what is on my nails.  Nice is Nice is lilac and this color is a pale, faint green.  My trust has been breached.  I’ve been bamboozled, run amok, led astray.  I wish I could quit this salon but they do really good pedicures.  I feel so vulnerable at this moment.  I don’t know what’s worse that they have a custom color in an Essie bottle or that the technician gave me a straight-faced lie that was so believable.

I digress.  Anywho, let’s not deviate from the topic at hand.  I will not let the deceitfulness of the salon take away the fact that it’s a really cute color on me and that I love it so.

What do you think?

(excuse the chip. hashtag human dish washer problems)

nice is nice







One thought on “The Digits: Nail Polish Origins Unknown

  1. You KNOW my name says:

    I was so focused on your rings I didn’t even see your nail polish… However looking back I think it’s a super cute color. 🙂


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