100 Happy Days: 21-32

My sister in her big sister sort of way let me know that I totally slacked off in the 100 Happy Days challenge.  I kind of totally forgot about it.  She had perfect timing though as I’m actively working everyday on being consistent.  So I’m picking up right where I left off which is at day 21.

Day 21: Babygirl’s water weekend in the Hamptons.  She got to work on her swimming skills…and her tan!

photo 1


Day 22: Scenery.  How often do we pay attention to the scenery in our everyday routine?  I don’t think I ever realized the beauty in my city’s bridges.  I have traffic to thank for this moment lol.

photo 2

Day 23: As I mentioned I’ve been working on being consistent in all aspects of life ESPECIALLY in working out.  Here’s a screenshot from my Nike App that served as confirmation of not only my consistency but that I’m improving.

photo 3

Day 24: All I have to say is Green Tea Frappe mmmmmmm!

photo 2


Day 25: I have had this Polar workout watch for about 2 years now and no matter how much I work out I  always get the same message at the end of the week “Incomplete Training Week”.  I got so used to seeing it that I truly thought that it was the watch’s way of pushing me harder.  Until this day when I was shocked as sh*t.

photo 4


Day 26: Mr. Grumps’ birthday ❤

photo 3


Day 27: Love: just me and my Grumps #teamus

photo 4

Day 28: I don’t even try to fool myself into looking for signs that I’m losing weight, I just have faith in one day putting on a pair of pants and they fall completely off, until that day I won’t gas myself.  This particular day though I happened to look in the mirror as I was walking by and was kinda taken aback that I could actually see IT.

photo 5

Day 29: Cheat Day.  Homemade hamburger with Heinz jalapeño ketchup Mmmmmm!

photo 1

Day 30: Yet another new message from my watch

photo 1

Day 31: I’m experiencing the only hair struggle this summer.  With all the sweat from working out, the ponytails, the coloring to cover my grays (whites) and the summer heat it’s literally a hot mess.  So I started taking Biotin so my hair can get back to its normal healthy state.  Biotin a girl’s best friend!

photo 2

Day 32: Babygirl got her first tattoo.  And she’s obsessed, I hope I didn’t create a tattoo monster (you know, like me lol :-/ )

photo 3


Are you taking the 100 Happy Days challenge?  How is it going for?



No worries…I got this!


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