Jupiter Blue & Vase of Hearts

I’ve crossed over to the gel side ya’ll.

I tried gel polish for the first time 2 weeks ago and I’m sold!  For the first 3 days I just stared at my nails amazed at the fact that they hadn’t chipped or cracked.  For me that’s super important with all the housework and water that my hands are in.  I’ve heard that gel weakens your nails so I intend to take breaks in between gels to let my nails rest.

This weekend Mr. Grumps and I have some functions to attend so I went with the gels again,  I tried Just Gel Polish in color Jupiter Blue with Gelaxy Vase of Hearts.

How do you like my color combo?

jupiter blue

vase of hearts


jb vh vh jb

Have you tried gel polish before?  Are you pro/con gel?



3 thoughts on “Jupiter Blue & Vase of Hearts

  1. I liked the gel so much I bought the at home kit, but I feel like i need to go to the salon for the removal as it is way more involved than I am equipped to deal with. Unfortunately, I only have 2 colors so I will be looking to purchase more.


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